Where can I buy GBCE Results Checker Cards?

Where can I buy GBCE Results Checker Cards?

Have you completed the West African Examination Council (WAEC) organized General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)? Do you want to check your GBCE Results?

Buy GBCE Results Checker Cards

To do so, you need to buy GBCE Results Checker Cards. Now, the question you have been asking is “Where can I buy GBCE Results Checker Cards?

The answer to your question is quite simple. You can always purchase your GBCE Results Checker Cards from Checkercards.com here: GBCE Results Checker

You may follow the links below to buy WAEC checker cards.

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How to buy GBCE Results Checker Cards

Here are the simple steps on how to buy GBCE Results Checker card online;

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GBCE School Registration – Login

GBCE School Registration – Login

For GBCE Private Candidate, the Login ID is your Index Number. Press Enter for Password.

GBCE School Registration Login: https://registration.ghanawaec.org/gbce/

General Information – GBCE School Registration

1.  MANUAL FOR GBCE 2022: Click here to download a copy of the Manual for Registration for the MAY/JUNE 2022 Advanced  Business Certificate Examination (GBCE).

Refer to the manual for the following;

  • Notes for the Guidance of Candidates
  • Directions to Candidates
  • Rules and Regulations of the Examination
  • Pre-qualification Requirements/Form
  • Time Table for the Examination

2.  DECLARATION FORM FOR GBCE EXAMINATIONS: Click here to download a copy of the declaration form for the May/June 2022 GBCE.
Candidates must submit final submitted copies of their registration and Declaration Forms to the WAEC regional office.

3.  NEW BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION SOFTWARE: Click here to download a copy of the New Biometric Registration Software for Candidates’ Biometric Data Capture.

4.  TIME TABLE: Click here to download a copy of the timetable for the May/June 2022 GBCE

5.  SYLLABUS: Click here to download a copy of the Syllabus for the May/June 2022 GBCE

How to login to GBCE School Registration

1. Visit the GBCE School Registration Login Portal: https://registration.ghanawaec.org/gbce/.

2. Enter your Index Number in the Login ID section.

3. Enter your Password.

4. Click on Login.

The West African Examination Council Online Registration and Financial Solution

Buy all your GBCE Result Checker Cards here: GBCE Results Checker.

NB: Please ensure that you have carefully read through the Manual for Registration before you proceed to register.

Manual for GBCE School Registration
Start the registration by capturing your biometrics at approved internet cafes using a valid email address and password. This email address and password will be used for subsequent logins. On successful login or profile creation, you will be directed to the Registration Page
Candidates are required to enter their surnames FIRST Before OTHER NAMES. You are also required to enter your personal information which includes: Name, Date of Birth, Region, Email Address, Postal Address, and Disability. Note that your name must not be more than 25 characters. This includes spaces between the first name, last name and initials. Your postal address must not be more than 60 characters, including spaces.

In addition to Personal Information, you will be required to supply Centre and Subject Information

Select the region and centre at which you wish to write the examination. The exact venue will be assigned to you later.
Select the subjects you wish to register for the examination. Please note that the maximum number of subjects allowed is 8.

The dimensions of the scanned photograph should be between 160pixels (Width) by 200pixels (Height). The dimensions of the scanned signature should be between 250pixels (Width) by 150pixels (Height).
On completion of the Registration Form, Click on the Preview Button to review your form.
Finally, with the click of Submit button, the system will complete the Registration process and generate an Invoice showing amount due. You are required to print this invoice and take it to the bank for payment.
After payment must have been made at the bank, Candidates wishing to change their Biodata and or add more subjects are required to use the Penalty module to do so.
To use this module, follow these steps:  
Login with your email and password, and select Penalty Type.
Make the required modification and submit following the same process as outlined in Fresh Registration above. An invoice for the modification will be generated for candidates to print and take to the bank for payment.
Please note that these modifications will not be effected in the system unless payment is made at the bank.
Candidates are required to visit this site for the printing of the Confirmation Page after making payment at the bank.