Every year, the Ghana Education Service posts students to Senior High Schools via the CSSPS. Student who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) are allowed to Verify and Confirm their SHS School Placement.

Below are simple steps on how to verify and confirm SHS School Placement.

How to Generate Token for CSSPS School Verification

To generate a token for your CSSPS school verification, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. First Visit the https://csspsverify.com
  2. Enter your index number & date of birth to see your selections.
  3. Click on “Generate Access Token”
  4. Your Unique Access Token will be sent to your phone number
  5. Get the Token From the SMS sent and then come back to https://csspsverify.com.
  6. Enter your access token in the space provided.
  7. Then click on the Fetch Candidates Selection Button to view your selected school choice

Steps to Verify And Confirm SHS School Placement

Complete the following step to get access to Verify & Confirm SHS School Placement;

1. Visit the CSSPS Verification & Confirmation Portal: https://csspsverify.com

2. Log in with your Index Number and Date of Birth.

3. Enter your BECE Index Number.

4. Click “Fetch Candidate’s Selection” to proceed to Verify & Confirm BECE School Placement.

Alternatively, you can dial the BECE Verification & Confirmation Short Code: *899*88# and enter your BECE Index Number. Complete the next step to get access to Verify & Confirm BECE School Placement.


How can I check my school placement?

Buy a School Placement Checker from checkercards.com and proceed to https://cssps.gov.gh/ to check placement.

You can contact Checker Cards on WhatsApp to check Placement at a cool fee. Contact Checker Cards on WhatsApp below.

How do I access my Cssps token?

You need a CSSPS token to complete the school selection verification and confirmation process. See the steps below to access CSSPS token.

How to access CSSPS Token

1. Dial the Shortcode (USSD) *899*88#

2. Select Option 1 – View choice file

3. Provide the Student Index Number

4. Follow the prompt

5. Select Option 2

6. Enter Access Token

How is the SHS school selection done?

Candidates with guidance from parents/guardians and school authorities; a) Must choose Six (6) schools (1st – 6th choices) in all. b) Must select programmes and accommodations for each selected school. d) Must indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to accept or decline to opt for a cluster.


According to the GES communique signed by Cassandra Twum Ampofo (Head. PR), “Students who may have errors in their initial selection should call 0556541525 or click the edit button available on the web portal after their selection details displayed with a copy of the original selection form.

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