In today’s complex Information Technology system in Ghana, Checker Cards is one important platform you need to choose when you decide to buy SHS Placement checker, BECE results checker, or WASSCE results checker among many other results checker cards.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider buying your checker cards from our website.

5 Reasons To Choose Checker Cards

1. Fast delivers all e-vouchers within 5mins after purchase. The platform is very fast and runs on a 24-hour basis.

2. Reliability

You have no issue with us once you buy your results checker cards and placement checker cards from our platform. We always deliver what you pay for.

3. Affordability

Our checker cards are very affordable with little or no difference from what is already sold on the market.

4. Assitance partners with Pcstartup to assist you in using your checker cards for their intended purpose.

5. Freebies

In some cases, we help check results and placement for our buyers who reach out to us via WhatsApp through our partnership with Pcstartup.


Do Checker Cards sell University forms?

Checker Cards itself does not sell University forms, however, we recommend our partners (Pcstartup) who will help you buy and successfully gain admission to your dream school in Ghana or Nigeria.

Do Checker Cards sell to Nigerian customers?

Checker Cards will start selling to Nigerian customers from May 5, 2023.

How much does the results checker cost?

The price of results checker cards varies on every platform. You can visit our shop to check the price of a placement checker or results checker.


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