The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has officially released the provisional results of the 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). This annual event marks a significant milestone in the lives of countless young Ghanaians as they eagerly await the outcomes of their dedicated efforts.

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Over 600,000 Candidates Participate

The 2023 BECE saw an impressive total of 600,900 candidates participating, further emphasizing the importance of this examination in the Ghanaian education system. This figure included 300,404 male and 300,496 female candidates from 18,993 participating schools across the country.

Additionally, the examination accommodated the unique needs of students, with 53 candidates having visual impairment, 366 with hearing impairment, and 54 candidates with other special educational needs. The examination was conducted in 2,137 centers nationwide, showcasing the vast scale and importance of the BECE.

However, it’s worth noting that 3,366 candidates were absent from the examination, a testament to the challenges and circumstances that some students face.

BECE for Private Candidates

Alongside the school candidates, the BECE for Private Candidates recorded a total entry of 1,839 students, consisting of 942 males and 897 females. This alternative examination pathway provides opportunities for individuals to earn their Basic Education Certificate.

The examination centers were strategically distributed across fifteen locations, mainly in regional capitals. Despite these accessible centers, 61 private candidates were reported as absent from the examination.

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Addressing Examination Malpractices

While the release of the BECE results is undoubtedly a moment of celebration, it is also an opportunity to address examination malpractices. Following a comprehensive investigation into irregularities detected during the examination and marking of scripts, the 34th Meeting of the Final Awards and Examiners’ Appointment Committee for BECE convened on Monday, 6th November, 2023, to address these issues.

The committee approved a series of actions:

  1. The cancellation of subject results for 312 school candidates and 3 private candidates for various offenses, including bringing foreign materials into the examination hall or colluding with other candidates.
  2. The cancellation of entire results for 41 school candidates and 1 private candidate for possessing mobile phones in the examination hall.
  3. The withholding of subject results for 180 school candidates and 4 private candidates due to suspected offenses.
  4. The withholding of entire results for 110 school candidates and 2 private candidates for various suspected offenses.

Moreover, scripts of 22,270 candidates in specific subjects are currently under scrutiny for reported cases of mass cheating. The results for these candidates may be canceled or released based on the outcome of further investigations.

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Caution Against Fraudsters

As the BECE results are released, WAEC has issued a caution to all stakeholders to be vigilant against fraudsters who promise to upgrade results for a fee. Candidates and their families are advised to utilize the official and secure channels provided by WAEC to access their results, as WAEC results are well-secured and can be authenticated.

Sincere Gratitude to Stakeholders

WAEC expresses its heartfelt gratitude to various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, Security Agencies, Heads of Schools, Supervisors, Invigilators, Examiners, and all those who played a crucial role in the successful conduct of the examination and the release of results.

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