The Ghana Education Service (GES) announced that preparations are ongoing for the release of the 2022 School Placement. School Placement Release update & how to get it.

Once all preparations are complete, the School Placement Portal will be opened and available for candidates who sat for BECE 2022.

As at now, there is no fixed date for the release of 2022 school placement. However it is certain that the schools will be released on or before February 17, 2022. Prior to the release GES will make a statement.

How to get School Placement Release update

After the release you will have to buy a School Placement Checker to check the school you were placed to. Buy School Placement Checker on backorder now and it will be sent to you as soon as the schools are released.

———-> School Placement Checker <———-

School Placement Release Update: Once you buy the School Placement Checker on back order, it will be sent to you as soon as the schools have been released.

You will be among the first people to check their schools.

How to buy School Placement Checker Cards with MoMo

Here are the simple steps on how to buy a School Placement Checker card online;

1. Visit Checker Cards website:

2. Select School Placement Checker you want to buy.

If you use the links above, you will skip steps 1 & step 2.

3. Select the number of cards you want to buy.

4. Click on “Buy Now” button.

5. Fill in the details by adding your First nameLast namePhone number and E-mail address.

6. Scroll down and click on “Proceed To Payment”.

7. Select “Pay with Mobile Money” and enter your MoMo number.

8. Click on “Confirm”.

9. Approve payment on your phone by entering your Mobile Money Pin.

Alternatively, you may pay with your credit card. In Step 7. Select “Pay with Card” to make payment using your credit/debit card.

You will receive a Serial/Voucher and a PIN to check your School Placement.